Friday, January 11, 2008

ACTC- Small Gain

Made a small profit trading ACTC. I was a little reluctant to buy right at the open because of the market conditions right now, a little shaky. But I put in a market order when it was around 0.29 cents and didn't get filled until 0.30 Looks to have topped at 0.32 and I got out at .31 for a small gain. Twice the gain of my average gain so I'm stoked about this.


I noticed something the other day that kills my objectivity, and that's when I look to see how much I made in my account (ie, keep refreshing). Once I see how much I've made, I quickly go into some kind of, protect mode and I feel I need to take what I have. It totally screws up my thinking. This trade I put on I didn't look to see how much I made until after that fact which kept my mind in the right place and allowed me to get out just before it started to decline a little.


Only reason why I do refresh in the first place is because my broker will log me out after a set period of time and If I get logged out when I decide to sell, well, that causes some problems. So I continually refresh to make sure I'm still logged in. Anyway, I don't think I'm in a position long enough anyway for it to really log me out. I wish I knew the time so I can set a time limit or something. Point is, I don't want to see how much I've made!


actc trade chart

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