Tuesday, January 8, 2008

VRUS- Best Gain Ever

Wow, just had my best gain ever passing up HSOA by a long shot. This was a 25R trade, which means I made 25 times my initial risk on the trade. Not my capital risk but how much I was willing to let it drop in dollars before I bailed. Anyone who likes percentages this was a 21.5% gain


Surprisingly I feel pretty calm. Slightly excited, but under control. My HSOA gain I was jumping around and couldn't believe how much I made, I think that was a 12-15R gain, can't remember.


Anyway, I got in at 22.33 started rocketing up and realized I was on to something so I got rid of my itchy trigger finger and bailed on half my shares at 23.77 Kept running and my room mate told me, sell sell!! I said, "I'm making money why would I sell?" I didn't want too, but I had so much cash and I felt content, so I bailed. Looking at the chart I shouldn't of sold out so fast. lol, even when I get huge gains I still bail out early. Something I need to work on badly.


vrus trade chart

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mdoppel said...

Congratulations man

First i would like to ask how you found this trade and what exactly tells you when to sell?


tradeswing said...

I found it here on this scan. http://stockcharts.com/def/servlet/SC.scan?s=TXA[T.T_EQ_S]![AS0,20,TV_GT_40000]![TV0_GT_AS1,20,TV*4]![TC0_GT_TC1]

What tells me to sell is basically discretionary. Initially, I was waiting for the public to dive in by seeing a giant volume spike with a candle making a new high. Which you can see on the chart. I bailed early though just because I've never seen this big of a gain and honestly, I didn't want to lose it haha.

Anthony said...

I have the selling early problem too. Awesome trade.