Friday, January 18, 2008

Some Thoughts

I need to report to someone/something to help with my discipline. I don't have anyone who can manage me so I'll have to report to this blog more. I'll come here and post the night before when I'm not going to trade the following day, after I've done my research. That way I won't leave it up to the next morning to decide what will happen because I will have made a blog post stating I wasn't going to trade.


I'll need to do it immediately after I finish going over my routine.


Also, I'm going to have to rewrite my trading plan because the one that's listed here is a plan that I haven't followed for about 2 weeks now. I've been developing a new strategy which I might post here, I don't know yet. I might keep it offline. So far all those people who like reading my business plan, you can use it if you want but just know that I haven't been following it recently.


  • Report to my blog ASAP about whether I will trade or not for the following day
  • Re-write business plan
  • Don't force myself to trade losers. Trust my original judgement and never second guess.

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