Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stocks on my Hot Seat

I have CHCI, TARR and EXPO on my watch list for tomorrow morning. I don't feel too good about EXPO but I'm watching it to give it a chance (probably won't trade it).


The other two I like more. TARR has a little resistance at 1.56 which is the 50 EMA. It couldn't even touch it today so we'll see how it reacts when it gets close. It's at 1.50 right after hours which is a good sign.


CHCI looks pretty good as well. I like the big blast out of some mild consolidation accompanied by the huge volume and nice 2 month high or so. Hasn't moved after hours so far so that's a good sign.


I'll see how these react at the open and decide whether to pounce or not. If not, no tears shed. I just saved myself from losing money and the name of the game is, "Don't lose money!" (easier said than done)

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