Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mission Statement

I've written up a business/trading plan for my "how" of what I'm doing but I'm currently reading a book called "Trade with Passion and Purpose: Spiritual, Psychological and Philosophic keys to becoming a Top Trader" by Mark Whistler, and he mentioned you need to know "why" you're doing this. Why do you trade? So when you go through a series of losses for example, and ask yourself, "what the hell is the point of this? Why do I keep trading?", you can go back to your mission statement and be enlightened as to why you keep on going.


This is my Mission Statement/Purpose:


My purpose is to be profitable over the course of my trading career. I trade because I love trading with a passion. I am trading so I can financially liberate myself. So I can have the time to develop myself as a person as well as pursue other interests. While giving back and donating to local charities to help younger generation kids who aren't as fortunate as I am to be doing what I love. I am a trader because I love the mental stimulation, self growth, and the personal battle towards success. Anything is possible in the market, and if someone else can succeed, so can I.

Why do I trade? Someone asked me the other day why I wanted to get into trading. I thought it about it and this was my response.


Well for the most part, I really really love the challenge. I like knowing that there's only an elite 10% that survive and I know I can get there. I'm driven by passion and the desire to succeed. I've dedicated everything to becoming a consistently profitable trader. Trading is just,...it's the ultimate in personal development and I love being tested and I love beating expectations. I love the process of trading, the ups and downs, constantly striving to better myself each day. I love that and I can't imagine doing anything else..It's just one of these things that clicks with me, this is what I want to do.

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Parker Capital Management said...

nice - its important to put stuff like this down in writing. I like it.



A FAN said...

It seems to me that at 20 you have defined foryourself some pretty incredible goals... goals that many adults have not yet come to grips with. Good luck!!