Monday, December 3, 2007

TPX- Nothing Exciting

Bought in at 30.39 everything was looking good. It stayed solid while the Q's were falling and once the Q's made a turn around TPX started to stall and do nothing. I look away for a few seconds and look back and see that it's now down to 30 bucks. I'll admit, I was pretty damn scared so I sold half my shares once it got back to ground zero at 30.41


For the next hour it did nothing. I contemplated selling the rest of my shares but I last time I did that the stock rallied like crazy. I held my ground, stayed patient and moved my stop to 30.30 from 30.10 Next thing I know out of know where it shoots nicely but not quite to my target of 30.99 so I still held my ground and didn't sell yet. It started declining right after it peaked which told me there was a lot of fear and so I held a couple more ticks and finally sold out at 30.48


Not a good trade but not bad either. I was watching CCC at the same exact time I got in on TPX and I actually pulled up CCC before I saw TPX which is the one I should of traded. But hey, what's done is done. I don't second guess myself but I do make observations. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


tpx trade chart 2

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