Tuesday, December 11, 2007

PRGO- Fine Tuning Selection

Had a failed trade this morning but I noticed something about my losers and winners. A lot of my winners have the same characteristics as my losers but the one thing that's different is that my winners don't have very long wicks. The candles are really tight with short to almost no wick. Yet, my losers will have very long wicks and are a little bit more volatile as their increasing on volume and good momentum. So, I'm going to add another rule to my plan and only trade stocks with short wicks while on the rise. We'll see what happens.


Got in at 33.26 with my stop around 32.80 Basically died, again, right after I got in and got stopped out at 32.83. It now looks to be heading up now that I'm out. I seem to be good at picking bottoms, haha. I get stopped then it decides to move without me.


prgo trade chart 2

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