Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SOLF Two Trades

Made 2 trades this morning in SOLF. I got in at 39.93 after I put in a limit order for 37. Which was good, lower the better as I knew this thing was going to move more. It had a nice rally with huge volume and this pullback was expected. I wanted to get in low because the selling volume was very very weak compared to how much buying volume was going on. Well, what happened was I had an order to sell all ready and I decided to cancel and I hit send order. Zecco has recently changed their layout and I don't know if they changed their send order and cancel order buttons or not but I could of sworn they were in reverse order. Anyway I sold at 36.35 on accident.



solf trade chart 2



Once I realized I was out of SOLF when I thought I was in, I put in another order to get back in on SOLF. I got back in at 37 and sold out at 37.30 not quite as much as I was looking to get back but I rode a small move that I was expecting and got out 37.30 making half my loss back.


solf trade chart 3

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