Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CTDC Trade

I saw CTDC at the open and it didn't look too hot. What I overlooked was that it was way above R2 at the open. Which should of told me, Hey, this is gonna break out. Well, I didn't get in until I kept hearing my audio alert going off like crazy and it was CTDC that kept going off. So I finally got in which I wasn't planning too. I was actually playing some madden and I was watching CTDC out of the corner of my eye and got in at 8.69 and got out at 9.


I got out at 9 because I thought the round number might be some kind of barrier which it was at first but the buyers stepped right up and ate up all the shares and it blew by. There was no reason to sell and what I based my sell on was stupid. It had great momentum, the EMA's were increasing and volume was great.


ctdc trade chart

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