Monday, December 17, 2007

Some Observations

Watched the VIX index go into a steady downtrend while the Q's were also working its way into a downtrend. At about 6:50am PST I went short because I saw the markets breaking down and getting weak. What I did was I went long DXD which I believe is a Dow short fund. Such a stupid idea. Why would I short the Dow when I'm watching the Q's? lol, so I bailed out of that one for a tiny loss after I realized what the hell I did. I had the right idea to short the market I just chose the wrong vehicle to take me there.


I've been taking some multi vitamins and some Omega 3 vitamins which I used to take a lot when I was lifting and remembered how great I felt. I stopped for some reasons and started taking them again for the heightened sense of being which I'm hoping will ease the slight fear/anxiety I have sometimes when watching the markets right at the open. I did notice a change already, maybe it's a placebo effect but I do feel better overall. Maybe these helped make my decision to go short? I felt confident, calm, had a healthy dose of fear but not enough to debilitate me, leaned back in my chair for about 5 minutes and said out loud, "I'm going short, it's perfect".


I'm still keeping an eye on the correlation between the VIX index and QQQQ to see if there's any significant patterns between the two. Last week I did spot a significant situation between the two that have been yielding my momentum stocks. VIX has to be in a downtrend while the Q's are in a steady up trend. Today we had the VIX in a downtrend in the morning but the Q's were also in a downtrend. So, like I said, I'll need to keep an eye on these and see what happens.

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