Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pattern Examples

I probably shouldn't be posting these to the public but since this is a public blog and I use it to post my thoughts and progress and I'll do it anyway.


The charts below are examples of what it is I'm looking for. All these charts were from today's action. One thing I noticed which I blogged about earlier is that the wicks are very long on almost all of my losers. For the most part the candles below in my examples from today are tight and concise in a steady trend. Volume and momentum are both increasing. My PRGO trade today had a pretty crazy quick trend which I mistakenly took as a pattern I thought would work out. It had some pretty long wicks. So anyway I wanted to post this so I can come back and get a refresher on what it is I'm looking for.


Below is VDSI

vdsi example chart


Below is SCON

scon example chart


Below is TIVO

tivo example chart


Below is INCY

incy example chart

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