Tuesday, January 29, 2008

DDSS- Back on Track

This is what I'm talking about. Had a nice trade with DDSS. I was watching 5 charts and not much was happening. I left to use the restroom, came back and DDSS was the only one making higher lows. So I bought it immediately. Got in at 2.05 Next candle did what I was expecting, basically started to blow up  ran up on great volume. I sold some at 2.17


However, I saw the giant volume spike and figured the public might be in on this. Then I'm watching the Q's fall and had to make a decision, do I sell everything here while I have the profit? Or risk having it diminish and possible turning with the market? I decided to sell and took a nice sized gain which easily cleared my loss yesterday and then some. So I sold out on all my shares at 2.16


The second volume spike was basically what I was looking for which shows a nice top. Huge new high on huge volume. I was a couple candles too early and missed out on doubling my gain but hey, I made a decision I felt was right at the time and walked away with a great gain. I'll have to figure out some way to keep myself from bailing too early. A lot of these gains it'll show that I bail usually on the next candle after I get in. If I could just sit and wait for a 3 or 4 or 5 candles to develop I could be pulling in a little more cash.


Ahhh,...see that, my greed is getting stronger. I should be content with what I have, but no...there's always a way to make more..lol. I need to control that greed factor and be stoked that I'm still alive in this business.



ddss trade chart

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