Friday, February 15, 2008

IDMI- Great Way to End the Week

To tell you the truth I was not going to trade this and was not expecting trading at all. But something about IDMI drew me to it and I got up this morning to see how it was. First candle it fell then the next one brought on the buyers and it took off.

I jumped in at 2.40 which for a couple minutes thought I pulled another dumb trade because it fell to around 2.28. Next candle started inching its' way back to 2.40 and once it did it shot right by.

I unloaded some at 2.50 and I let it run until I saw the gap between the bottom of the current candle and my seven EMA. I saw the gap and sold the rest at 2.58

Somewhat pleased. I do not want to get too excited but I am happy I finished this horrible week on a good note. Even if I did not end the week profitable, the damage is a little less dramatic.

idmi trade chart 4

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