Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to Trade Stocks to Ensure Long Term Survivability and Profitability

Tools to Trade Stocks Successfully to Guarantee Long Term Survival and Minimal Loss with Professional Discipline


  • There is absolutely zero satisfaction in making huge money trading stocks, only to see hard earned gains evaporate in a couple days. Each morning it's a battle to fight for a paycheck yet still finishing the evening tattered and torn


  • The morning comes along where the market quickly saps profits and takes it all  in a matter of days or even minutes! Can I really trade successfully? Why do I do this? Why can't I keep what I make? What am I doing wrong?



Sound familiar? I've gone through that experience. I'm an amateur trader as well and I've dedicated the last 32 weeks to learning how to trade and doing what's required to be profitable. During that time I've created products that was essential to ensure long term survivability to stay in the game longer while still trading actively to learn this profession.


The Stock Traders Elite Success Kit, is that creation. It's an advanced spreadsheet that represents all details of past performance on many different levels. A Position Sizing Calculator to tell me exactly how many shares I need to buy for my trade to ensure minimal loss as well as maximum upside. Lastly, I put together a 6 page mini book with jam packed information for the amateur trader required for the mind set of a professional.




Position Sizing Calculator Software MSRP: $24.99

  • Buy the Perfect amount of Shares for all stocks
  • Minimize Losses
  • Maximize Profitability
  • See exactly where to get out of a stock when it goes against you
  • See exactly what you'll lose before you trade!
  • Eliminate guessing about where to sell
  • Ability to see your game plan before executing a trade!
  • Like to Scale out of a stock? Know exactly where those multiple sell points are based on % Increase
  • Eliminate being fearful of trading! 
  • Eliminate the hesitation before Pulling the Trigger!
  • Eliminate the yelling before stocks keep falling and falling!
ebook cover copy final



Advanced Spreadsheet MSRP: $34.99

  • Able to see all bits of trading performance
  • Go back and see where past mistakes are
  • Profit from past performance patterns
  • See what capital is being used
  • Track your Gains and Losses
  • See a visual representation of capital in an Equity Curve
  • Eliminate guess work about past trading performance
  • Tax Season is done Easier and Quicker
  • Determine if a strategy is Profitable over the long run
  • See how much money can be made over any amount of Days
  • See exactly how much an account is profitable
  • Become disciplined in trading
  • Replicate Professional Traders
  • Determine if long term survivability can be accomplished
  • Eliminate past weaknesses for maximum profitability
  • Quickly see what works and what fails in a strategy




Secret Success Notes MSRP: $49.99

  • Replicate professional traders in a fraction of the time
  • Dramatically reduce the learning curve for becoming a profitable trader
  • Quickly read highlighted key parts
  • Skim through 6 pages of Goldmine Information
  • Eliminate need to read through 40 books
  • Read Cherry Picked information from professional traders
  • Zero Fluff information
  • Go back and re read over and over crucial information on the comfort of a couch or cozy bed
  • See what days are more profitable than others





  • This entire package should be easily selling for over $100 but I'm selling it for only $9.99 I'm trying to give back what I've learned during my 8 months of research. I'm selling 50 packages of the Stock Traders Elite Success Kit on a Small Supply.


Once the 50 have been sold, that's it, no more!


I personally take advantage of all these products on a daily basis and understand the value these products have. That's why I'm selling a Small Supply. Buyers of this Small package offering will also receive an Amazing Bonus.




The Advanced Spreadsheet comes with a Stock Prediction Formula MSRP $79.99.

  • Easily Predict the days Highs and Lows of all stocks!
  • Eliminate guessing where the breakout will be
  • See the breakout price the day before
  • Access to a Key Tip for Traders on how to employ the Predicted Highs and Lows for Huge Profit!
  • Predict as many stocks as you want
  • Build a strategy around this Formula
  • Same formula taught by Larry Williams the Professional Futures Trader!




This is the Stock Traders Elite Success Kit.

  • Position Sizing Calculator Software MSRP 24.99
  • Advanced Spreadsheet MSRP 34.99
  • Secret Success Notes MSRP $49.99
  • and the Stock Prediction Formula MSRP $79.99


All for $9.99 This is an absolute steal! Hold off on hesitating and letting this Insane Deal run right by you! Similar to trading, see an opportunity, it's going to get get devoured!



  • These products will work to improve profitability and long term survivability and I'm offering a 180 DAY Money Back Guarantee! I personally guarantee that a slight bit of effort is put into these products, it'll easily create a more consistently profitable trader over the course of any adventure.




21 Orders Left! Buy Now and be on the way to Long Term Success. There's nothing to Lose!

Free Digital Delivery! IMMEDIATELY Receive the Stock Traders Elite Success Kit before leaving PayPal




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