Thursday, February 7, 2008

NSR- Nice Bounce

Saw NSR last night when it was down 25% or so during the day. Read a couple article headlines basically saying it was an over reaction on the sellers part. I put it in my watch list and wanted to see if I could get a bounce in the morning, and I did.


Retrospect, I did hesitate to get in. I let it move without me because a Pivot Point was approaching and I didn't know if it'd reverse at that price especially with the way the market is now or if it'd blow by. It did blow by and at at that point I put in my order and got filled at a price of 22.53


I let it keep running because the offer kept rising and the bid would soon follow. Even though it did fall back a little bit the offer immediately kept jumping. Then we hit resistance which we rocketed by. I was too slow to sell some shares so I didn't and finally sold all of them at 23.10


Man, just looked at the chart right now. It's up around 23.60 Left a lot on the table, something I seem to do a lot. There's wasn't really any reason to sell. I should wait until I see a blue candle develop before I get out. What I did was buy strong and sell even stronger with no weakness in sight. I should probably wait until some real weakness develops.


Either way, I'm happy with the gain.

nsr trade chart

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