Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DARA- Now this is a Trade

DARA was one of the stocks on my watch list today but I closed it out because of the extremely wide spread and it was jumping around back and forth at the open so I closed it out.


Just brought it back up and it was up around 34% so I got in. I liked the movement and the volume and I entered at 5.50 My stop was 15 cents below my entry at 5.35 and you can see that by the long black bar that's slightly crooked lol.


Immediately jumped up nice and high and pulled back but still higher than where I got in. Let it ride for a few minutes and bailed at 6 mainly because I was more than happy with the gain and because I still have a freakin' hard time letting my winners run. I don't know why... I need to figure something out.


Overall, I'm stoked about this trade. Mostly because it's been a while since I've pulled a nice gain like this. I was thinking yesterday how long do I need to go before I put on a trade? Because it seemed like forever. Well, I had a couple beauties in front of me and I'm stoked about that.


dara trade chart

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