Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sidelines- Off Topic (Drawings)

Not putting on any trades today. Markets seem to be either stalling or failing.


I've been looking at a lot of art recently mostly on (love that site) and decided to put some of my drawings on my blog. Spice things up a little bit.


I usually draw on days like this one where I'm not active in the markets and/or I put on a losing trade, lol. It's a good tension releaser I use along with going on a nice jog around my neighborhood sometimes.










(my sis, haha)



This one was done with a regular #2 pencil, lots of rubbing, and one of those rubber eraser things. The rest were done with the same techniques except I used a B4 pencil only. I don't really know how to integrate different kinds of light and dark grade pencils into a drawing so I just use one and make it work.

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Marjie said...

great drawings. i think i can identify the first one and the last. judging by my artistically challenged eyes, the first one looks like jennifer garner, and the last one look like victoria beckham. did i get it right? =)

Cheers always,

tradeswing said...

The first one is actually Adriana Lima. You got the last one right, it is Victoria Beckham.

The other one is Rachel McAdams