Saturday, February 9, 2008

Trade Log Spreadsheet

My spreadsheet that I've personally developed and use on a daily basis. I thought it might help some people out considering how many people have downloaded my Calculator and my Success Notes.

The Basics:

  • Win/Loss Percentage
  • Average Gain/Loss in Dollar amounts and Percentage amounts
  • Profit Per Share
  • Percentage Gain/Loss of account as a whole
  • Net profit
  • And a lot more

Advanced Analysis:

  • R Multiple for each trade
  • Expectancy
  • Profit Factor
  • Equity Curve Chart
  • Potential Profit per trade
  • Potential Percentage gain per X amount of days (you can specify the time period)

I've spent a huge amount of time coming up with formulas to calculate this data. I'm constantly going over my stats to see where I'm at, where I'd like to be, what I need to do to get there based on how I'm performing, etc.

The boxes in Orange represent data fields that can be altered/entered in by the user. Everything else is automatically calculated and doesn't need to be touched. If you need any help with certain fields or don't know what a box means, leave me a comment and I'll help you out. The data that is currently in the spreadsheet is data I've made up as an example.

Help Files for the Spreadsheet:

Download here:

I hope you enjoy my spreadsheet. I find a lot of joy and feel good when I share what I've created with people. Happy trading.


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mdoppel said...

Nice man. I will have figure it out but thanks alot

Trainee Trader said...

Looks very interesting. I am getting an error when I try to download the spreadsheet. Mediafire states the file is set to private.

tradeswing said...

Whoops my mistake. Try it now should be back to normal.

Anonymous said...

The link to the spreadsheet seems to be down. Is there another location to download the spreadsheet. Thanks for taking the time to create and share this.

jay kris said...

Hi, I have downloaded your spreadsheet. It looks quite interesting and would be of great help.
Thank you very much for sharing your hardwork to others.
God Bless.

tradeswing said...

Thanks man, I haven't been very active in the market but I'm looking to get back in.

Alicia said...

I managed to grab real time price from Yahoo Finance to Excel. But I want to compute 1 month return, 2 month return, 6 month return, YTD return, etc... Do you know how to do that? Thanks

tradeswing said...

Mmhh..I'm not exactly sure since I haven't used Excel for a while but an easy fix I think would be to create seperate columns. One column for 1 month, another column for 3 month returns, etc. It doesn't sound very practical. I think you'd find better luck on an Excel forum site where you can ask those Excel masters, lol.