Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CTUM- I think I'm going to cry

Where do I begin. I picked CTUM last night for a possible run in the AM. It moved extremely slowly so I moved on and decided not to trade it.


I come back later and it's up 22% I buy some shares at 1.50 when I see it spike. Well, It falls all the way down and what do I do? I get out at the bottom and sell all my shares at 1.63 I lost a gigantic amount of money on this trade. I don't know. I'm pissed but more in shock right now.


I'm starting to fall apart a little emotionally. I was up 12% for Jan as a whole and now my account is down to 8% as a whole. Biggest loss of my life.


For some reason I don't feel too worried, maybe it's denial or maybe it's because I know I can get it back. I just need to take some time and get my head on straight.



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