Monday, February 18, 2008

Brilliant Hope

Dreams will never fade

And our destiny is never truly made

And even when the nigh is brisk with frost

There is no reason to ever be afraid

Because trust can never be lost

Never give up...if all seems gone

...And see that which we truly love

Forever stand tall and strong...

Real truth comes from within our hearts

Knowing our passions can never fall apart

We quietly reflect on all time

Wishing for everything to unwind

It's can change on a dime

And when we least expect to touch the sky

We do so in the blink of an eye

The ship of self can float adrift

Can the fate of this man ever shift?

Drifting from shore with broken rope

The whole of soul feels lost and missed

But in the end, there's only brilliant hope.


By Joppa JaMocha

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