Sunday, February 24, 2008

Two Kinds of Knowledge

Very simple. There are two kinds of knowledge that can be acquired. One is General knowledge which is derived from schooling/college, etc. The other is Specialized knowledge that's acquired from learning a very specific skill.


General Knowledge, know matter how much of it you have or how much schooling you've been too really does very little for you in the long run as far as financial abundance. College Professors make very little money, yet they are considered very very educated human beings. They have learned a great deal of all around knowledge or know a lot about a particular subject.


Why is that?

They specialize in the teaching of knowledge, but they don't teach you how to use that knowledge. The idea is, "ok, here you go. I've taught you what I know, go make it happen" How do I make it happen? What do I do? All I know is what I've been told about what I need to know, I don't know how to use what I know.


Simply being educated will not produce financial results. You can be an Einstein but if you don't know how to organize your knowledge and direct it to a definite ultimate goal, you'll be floundering.


I'm sure back in elementary or even H.S. and College you'll see "Knowledge is Power" That's such bull crap I want to puke. Knowledge is not power.


  • Knowledge = Potential Power
  • Knowledge + Action = Power


Yet, no one will teach you anything about how to put things into Action. Institutions fail to teach students how to organize their knowledge and build a plan towards a definite goal. The missing link to creating Power and Financial freedom is putting your acquired knowledge into action and striving non stop towards a concrete end.


An educated man is not someone who has a huge amount of knowledge but one who has developed parts of his mind to the point where he may acquire anything he wants or it's equivalent without violating the rights of others.

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