Tuesday, February 5, 2008

IDMI- Easy Money

Man, this kind of trade probably won't happen again for a while. Once I sold out on my first trade with IDMI I had to put on another position when I saw the stock was up 130% from when I bailed out. I got in again at 2.65 and let it ride until 2.95


I think I made around 9 or 10% on this second trade but my position size was 1/4 of what the first one was. The profit was 2.5 times my first one so this was an efficient use of capital, lol.


The gap on the chart was when I closed the chart and took it out of my watch list. I added it back in to see what IDMI was doing and that's when I saw the huge jump and got in right away.


idmi trade chart 2

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