Saturday, February 2, 2008

January Performance Stats

I'll just post some quick stats for how I fared for the month of January.


Total Trades: 11

Profitable Trades: 7

Win Probability: 63%

Average W/L Profit Ratio: 1.57

Average % Gain per trade: 7.24%

Average % Loss per trade: 3.07%

Average % Gain of Total Capital per trade: 1.68%

Average % Loss of Total Capital per trade: 1.74%


Total Gain for January: 11.46%


When I take a loss it seems that my entire account takes a slightly bigger hit than what my winners can make. I need to be a lot more aware about cutting my losses and get that percentage down. Ideally, I'd like my average loss of my entire account to be more around 1% not 1.7%


My frequency of winners seems to be what's keeping me afloat. For the month of February not trading loser stocks and sticking to the high probability winners is going to be the key theme.


I was a little hesitant about posting these stats because I don't want these numbers to get to my head and think I can keep pulling these numbers without trying. I'll have to buckle down even more, be more disciplined, focus on my goals and stay on the ball when it comes to objectively identifying my setups. I posted these stats so I can have a digital copy of my performance so I can come back in and track my progress.

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