Monday, February 11, 2008

VSCI- Hit a Snag

Only stock that started to move nicely in my watch list. Retrospect it looks like I got in pretty close to the end of the upward move with an entry of 3.75


Next candle had me a bit worried because there was a lot of volume coming up but the stock wasn't making any new highs. It stopped dead in it's tracks at 3.75 and didn't want to budge anymore. The 3rd candle is when I decided to get out. Reason being is because what it showed me is my exit strategy. My exit strategy is when the bottom of the most recent candle starts to run away from my 7 EMA tells me it's a good time to get out. I decided to get out at 3.65


The gap between the bottom of the candle and the moving average seems to create a vacuum and the price want's to fall back down to fill that gap (touch the EMA) before it'll take off again, or fall lower.


I didn't think twice about selling when my exit strategy was shown to me. I felt extremely calm when I sold even though I took a bigger loss than average. Looking back at the chart it seems to be slightly rebounding off that EMA. Seems fairly obvious now the volume was extremely light on the selling part of the chart and volume is heavily picking up on the buying side. What's done is done.


vsci trade chart 1

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