Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ISIS, Another Great Trade

Had another great day. The market rally at the open definitely helped me out a lot. I got in on ISIS at 16.70 with my initial stop at 16.40. My stop was so wide because I had to account for the lower buying power in my account but once I got in I bumped it to 16.55


It kept rallying like I thought it might, momentum and volume looked great all the way until we hit R2 which I sold half my shares, 6 cents lower than my target because I didn't know if it would have much steam after breaking the line. It did ht my first sell target and before the candle turned blue I saw the momentum seemed to flatten out at the top and sure enough I watched it decline as I finally got stopped out at 16.84, 1 cent below my raised stop.


Overall, I'm very happy with my performance. I stuck with my plan even though I had thoughts of selling before it hit my targets, I stayed discipline and came home with some nice performance numbers to add to my trade log.


isis trade chart

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