Tuesday, November 13, 2007

DSX, Nice Execution

I've been following a pretty tight criteria for picking my stocks I made about a week ago and what's even better is I've had the discipline to stick to that criteria and it's paying off, more ways than one.


Got in on DSX at 30.86 just before it broke through resistance as it looked like it would. It was showing a small ascending triangle. I started unloading my shares pretty fast as it blew by resistance and started raising my stop after I unloaded. Stock kept rallying and what I was impressed with is that when the Q's started to make that first dip DSX held it's ground and went neutral by showing us some Doji's. I'd like seeing that, left for a few minutes and came back and saw it was up around 32. At that point I started trailing my stop pretty tightly. I knew I was going to get stopped out at 31.75 which I did and then I'd see it rally again lol. It's funny how those guys will try and wipe out everyone they can before they take off again. It's cut throat out there...


I've been very happy with my performance lately. I like the fact that I'm staying discipline and sticking to my guns, however I'll still need to tweak how I trail my stop but I'm happy overall.


dsx trade chart 2

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