Tuesday, November 6, 2007

QID- Rookie Mistake

Basically I went chasing after a rally. Market was falling and kept breaking support after support and I eventually went short at the bottom. I'm pissed about this trade because I did something that I'm trying to get myself not too. I'm working on the fact that I don't need to be trading every single day chasing opportunity. Every time I do that, I lose money, over and over and I can't get it into my head that trading like that is wrong.


Again, what I need to focus on is being carefree, but not reckless. What I'm doing now is being carefree and reckless. Man, that's easier said than done.


I got out before my stop was hit because it stopped acting the way I wanted it too. Looked like the decline was over and realized I made an idiotic trade.


qid trade chart 2

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