Tuesday, November 27, 2007

PRGO, Great Rally

Spent about 45 minutes going over a lot of charts and found PRGO right before I almost called it quits for the day. It's funny how you will succeed right after the point you feel there's no hope.


Got in on PRGO immediately when I saw it at 30.59 I liked how it a small breakout being setup just under R2, it had already broken out when I saw it so I missed the initial break but still rode the rest of the momentum to my targets. I unloaded my first lot a little early since I didn't account for slippage when I got in and my targets were off a little.


My first 50% lot was sold at 31.10 instead of 31.20 which would of been my 2% target but oh well. After I sold I saw it dip with the Q's which made me think we might be getting weaker. So I sold my second lot at 31.05. It looks to be shooting up a little more now that I'm writing this. Momentum is dying but it's still increasing on decent volume. Whatever happens, happens but I'm stoked about this trade.


prgo trade chart

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