Thursday, November 15, 2007

STV- Nice Trade

I got in on STV a little too early I think. I jumped the gun and bought on the huge tall shadow at 37.74 and had to sit and wait for it to develop without a profit. It finally had a small break out which I was looking for but it happened about 5 or 6 candles later. Started unloading at 1% and 2% gains (something I might ease up on when I have to start paying commissions, it's really going to kill me). Finally got out at 38.23


I was sooo close to buying CRNT at the open for 13.45 but it was one of those things again. Something about it didn't seem right. It's hard for me to put it into words but I didn't like what it was doing. So I left that one and went to look for a solid trade and didn't find STV for about 30 minutes.


I broke even with my stop as soon as I could without being too aggressive. When I saw the candles falling down to my stop I sold the last lot but I had a feeling this was just a way to kill all the people who had stops before it rallied again. Which it looks to be doing a little bit now on the 3 min chart of STV. Oh well, that's part of the game. I'm happy with this trade.



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