Friday, November 16, 2007

CCC- Umm...WTF?

Ok, so I'm looking around for a good trade even though I probably won't find one and I shouldn't be trading anyway. I come across CCC and it showed a patter I've been trading a lot only problem was that I missed the breakout and got in a little late at 12.37


I'm sitting here waiting for about an hour for it to do something. I had my stop initially at 12.10 but soon raised it to 12.20 to try and cut some risk. I had a sell order to get rid of 25% of my shares at 12.47 I canceled the order about 10 seconds before it hit 12.47 and I decided to sell my entire position at 12.37 and just get out.


lol, I'm a little pissed. I mean, I got in waited and waited for it to show me something as to why I should still be in this trade. I didn't see anything that should keep me in. I sell, and then it shoots up. Oh well.


I didn't execute my plan. I got bored and anxious and wanted out. I'm pissed at myself not because I missed out on a nice chunk of cash but like an idiot, I didn't follow my plan. I knew when I wanted to sell for a profit, I knew when I was going to get out if the it goes against me, yet I sold based on my feelings not on my plan and I paid the price.


I got in late, and got out early.


ccc trade chart

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