Tuesday, November 6, 2007

QID Paper Trade

Took a shot at QID again. This time I felt confident in the trade. I was watching QID fall down as the market was rallying up and it looked like a good time to short the market for a quick pop. QID was right above some support and as the candle was forming it stayed a Doji for a while before it finished as a tall white candle. I got in during the Doji time. I waited for it to rally a little as it did and once I felt a good time to unload came around I got rid of 50% of my shares. At that same time I raised my stop to 34.90 to bring a risk free environment. I watched it a few more minutes and decided to unload the rest at 35.03 as the ride seemed to be close, if not already, over.


See, if I just would of been patient earlier instead of making those idiotic trades I could of really traded this. I tried putting in the order but apparently I don't have anymore buying power. Bummer... Patience young Grass Hopper...


qid paper trade

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