Tuesday, November 6, 2007

CROX, Stopped out but Happy

I got stopped out of CROX but I'm happy with the overall trade. CROX was up on some really good volume. I think around 90% of their daily volume in the 30 minutes. That got me interested so I pulled up the chart and watched the rally. Saw it pullback which I was also looking for and got in. Once I was in it established support which I liked. I had a target of 43.40 to sell 50% of my shares. Once I sold half I was going to raise my stop to break even so I could have the rest of my shares in a risk free environment.


CROX was following the market very closely and started falling as the Q's were heading down and the beginning of the sell off started. I got stopped out around 62.20 and I got in at 43.05 My plan was executed flawlessly. Once I got stopped out subconsciously I'm sure I was mad that's probably why I went to go chase QID on the rally.


crox trade chart 2

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