Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Traded CPSL

I originally saw CPSL a 9.50 and went to put in an order but I got distracted by someone and then I had problems putting in the order with my broker and by the time I was about to submit the order I missed the first move. Then it broke resistance and it I missed the second move and thought I'd get in even though it could of been too late.


I tested the waters with a small amount of shares and increased the amount as it started showing me a profit. It stalled out at the top because some news came out about CPSL reporting a 1% loss in revenue, I think. At that same exact time, the stock basically started stalling out and slowly coming back down. Established new levels and it couldn't break 1.90 so I got out.


I feel really good about this trade, even though I lost some cash. I was extremely objective. I could totally tell a difference on how I was acting compared to my last trades. It felt good when I sold the shares. I had this weird, calm, confident, good feeling.


Yellow boxes on the left are my entry points as I kept buying on the rise and sold on the right yellow box. Looks like I caught it on it's last legs up.


Still working on my impatience problem. But I'll get there.


cpsl trade

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