Friday, October 19, 2007

Bought WIND

I started changing things up a bit as far as how I go about getting into stocks. I noticed that I had a plan for selecting them, but I didn't quite know when to get in. I guess I'd just kind of wing it. Also with my horrible stop loss methods I get screwed up a lot. That's all changed now.


I've got a somewhat general plan on picking stocks but still detailed enough to weed out the crap. My entry point is a little more defined based on what I think is a good method to use. Coupled that with my methods of managing risk things should be turning around, but we'll see what happens.


Anyway, back to why I started this post. I got in on WIND at 11.88 and stop is at 11.55 The overall trend of WIND is up, EMA's are looking good and volume is relative to the price action. I set an alert to go off if it a decent support level. It hit that level and watched to see it confirm these levels once again, it confirmed, so I got in. It was also going up while the QQQ's are falling, which is always good to see.


Still working on my patience/over trading problem. I feel I need to be in the markets all the time but what I need to do is find a plan that I'm confident in and wait for the setups that I've created and buy it. If I do that enough I'll start gaining more and more confidence in my abilities and I won't want to keep changing up my plan and I won't want to over trade as I have a sound system to work with.


wind buy chart

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