Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Traded DRYS

Bought DRYS at 117.00 It was touching the lows of the day. It made a double top and fell and I thought it might turn around at the low of the day. I set a stop at 115.90 and got stopped out a few seconds later. It continued to fall which it probably will for a while since it break the lows of the day.


It's funny how I've been watching this stock since it was around 85 bucks and the one time I decide to buy it I lose money on it. I'm weird..


I was trying to catch a falling knife and I got what I deserved but I felt good about the trade, it just didn't work out. I didn't fully wait for the 3 minute candle to fully develop, I saw a doji at the time and it went bullish but finished negative. I need to fully wait for the candles to develop before making a decision.


Green arrow is my entry and red arrow is where I got stopped out.


drys trade chart

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