Monday, October 8, 2007


I bought CHNG for my IRA mid last week I believe at 7.50 and sold it a few minutes ago at 9.00 A nice 20% move which is good because I took a huge hit about 6 months ago (lost about 40%, long story haha) and I'm trying to get it back. The chart below might look a little confusing. It's a 3 day intra day chart on a 3 minute interval. Red lines are resistance levels. Green box on the left was my entry and red box on the right was my exit. I didn't take intra day entry and exit snap shots as I wasn't planning on putting my IRA trades here but now that I have, I'll start doing it.


Reason why I bought CHNG was because over the summer it had a huge spike and I was trading the spike for about a week and made a killing. All I know about CHNG is that it's a Chinese Oil company or something like that. Since we've been having this huge China boom lately I thought I'd go back and pick this stock since I knew it was Chinese and it provided nice gains in the past and it's obviously worked out well for me. I'll probably be buying this again if it comes back down.


chng ira chart

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