Monday, October 22, 2007

Sold TWM- Break Even

I basically liquidated my portfolio this morning. I noticed that CHNG and WIND kept falling and falling right at the open like a lot of stocks and I didn't know why they weren't being sold (stop orders). I go to my orders section to double check what prices I set for them and my orders aren't in even que! I put in Day Orders and not GTC. I was so pissed so I sold both CHNG and WIND because I didn't want to lose any more money than necessary.


I then put my focus on what I had left, TWM. It's a short fund. Since I can't officially short stocks I buy short funds to make it work. I was more patient with this one. I sat back and watched the action. I compared TWM with the QQQQ's, watched the volatility index, watched all the market indexes, watched the other short funds. I sold because all the market indexes were basically just under break even point, volatility made a new high but quickly cut itself in half, volume was picking up on the QQQQ's so I got out of TWM at 67.54 roughly a 4% gain. But the gain I had on TWM basically offset the losses I had on CHNG and WIND. Back to square one.


Green arrow shows my entry on Friday and Red arrow shows when I got out early this morning.


twm sell chart

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