Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Just sold AMZN a few minutes ago. I wanted to hold it over night but the stock showed a change of plans. I got out at 88.20. It started acting weird, bid and ask started getting jumpy, momentum seemed to slow down, the QQQQ's looked to be reversing as well as volume picking up for them. TWM started gaining on good volume. Seemed like a good decision at the time. It'll probably rally more but whatever, it was a good trade and I'm happy with my roughly 4% gain.


I missed the sell off this morning. I wanted to go short but I missed my entry and so I kind of waited around and watched everything go down. Then we flattened out and seemed to form a double bottom and I knew we'd rally again. I mean, everyone over reacted so hard to the news that came out and it just made sense that we'd bounce back at the end of the day. AMZN seemed like a good candidate to ride the bounce back.


amzn sell chart

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