Thursday, October 4, 2007

LDK- Paper Trade

Still waiting on my cash to settle in Zecco so I can get the action going. While I'm waiting I'm paper trading some stocks I see opportunities in.


LDK was up pre market which got my interest because most of the times LDK is up pre market it tends to keep going. Especially when the overall market is in positive territory.


The green line on the chart represent my entry at the time. I got in at 6.35am PST with a price of 52 a share. Set my stop at 51 which is the black line. LDK rallied upward and I sold half my shares of 100 at the bottom yellow line which is 55.35. Saw it pullback and when I noticed it seemed to bottom out just above support, I got ready to sell my second half (50) of shares. I waited it to make a move above 57.34 to break that pivot point but it never did at the time so I dumped the last 50 at 56.20 (top yellow line). For a nice sized gain for the day.


ldk paper chart

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