Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Accountability Idea

I'm sitting here thinking how I can stop making these stupid mistakes. I want to get an alarm clock and set it for 6:35 am which is 5 minutes after the opening bell. In that 5 minutes I can usually tell whether I'll trade the stocks I'm watching or not. I've been pretty good with closing my charts after that 5 minute period but I think what happened today was me getting impatient. It's been 4 days since I put on a trade and I probably felt like I had to be trade something.


So, I want to get an alarm clock and have it across the room or something so when it goes off, I have to get up and walk away to turn it off. That might help with me walking away from my potential losers.



EDIT: I went looking online for a really good alarm clock and I found one. Click the picture to go to the site if you need an alarm as well. I have it go full screen after 6 minutes of the market being opened. It then shows a message I made saying: Stop Trading! Do something else!


We'll see how that helps with my discipline


alarm clock

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