Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MTTG- So Stupid

Man, it's hard sitting on the sidelines wanting to trade something. I feel I still have some addictive traits left in me. I still want to chase those damn rabbits.


MTTG was something I was looking at for a trade at the open. Which it started to move like I wanted at the open but I never got in. I was putting in limit orders as it started to run but none of them got filled. So, I put in a market order, I knew it was so stupid. I guess I just wanted to buy something. I got in at .95 cents and set a stop at .91 cents. It fell to .92 and I got filled? I never saw it hit .91 it had to of been a glitch or whatever, something happened behind the scenes but I got filled at.91 cents and now I'm out for a nice sized loss.


I don't know..I mean, I know I shouldn't of traded, I know the market order on a penny stock is retarded I just hate sitting on the sidelines waiting for the things to be in my favor. I was hesitate to close out the chart when I decided not to trade it but I still kept looking at it. If I could just tell someone I won't trade and then have them force me to do it. That'd be great, haha. Self discipline is so damn hard. But hey, I'm a rookie when it comes to not doing things I know I shouldn't. Still working on that. I'm improving a lot I just need to get it down in stone.


mttg trade chart

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