Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ORCT- Back and Forth

Had a loss today. Basically jumped the gun, got all excited, I don't know about what but I felt excited for some reason. I didn't pay attention to any of my indicators except what stocks I was watching. Got in at the top, and then got out at the bottom. Fell below my bail out point and I had to get out.


Got in at 6.57. Used a market order and the bid jumped right as I sent it, lmao. Got out at 6.42 I cut my position size smaller than I usually do because I didn't feel too good about the stocks I was watching. That was my first clue that, "hey, maybe you shouldn't trade this". But no, I went out chased rabbits. Why is this so hard to do! haha



orct trade chart

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Anonymous said...

Never the less, impressive strategy young man!

tradeswing said...

Thanks, I started developing a new strategy early this year. The momentum trading plan I have on my blog I haven't used in over a month. Had to scrap it and start something new. So far I've been doing great. Up about 13% so far for Jan and I've been trading a lot less so I'm stoked about that.