Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sitting on Sidelines

Put me in coach! This is how I feel. I'd like to put on a trade but the conditions aren't right yet. I was watching MATR, CRIS, and RSC. Two out of three were up pre market but once the gates opened they all started to fall along with the market.


So, I'll be waiting for this day to pass so I can see what I can do about tomorrow. I'm starting to like the days I don't trade, you know? I don't have to trade everyday. I've only been making a few trades a week and I've been pulling in more cash than I usually do in a month. Me sitting on the sidelines during the down times I think is what's helping me stay profitable. But it's still early in the game to get cocky.


There's an African poem I like to read, I'm sure you've heard it.


"Every morning in Africa, when a lion wakes up, it knows it has to run faster than the slowest gazelle. When a gazelle wakes up, it knows that it has to run faster than the fastest lion.

It doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle, but when the sun comes up, you better start running." - Herb Caen

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