Sunday, January 6, 2008

Position Sizing Calculator

I used to spend probably 5 minutes after I found a chart I wanted to get in, just trying to figure out my position. I'd go to 3 different calculator sites to get each bit of info I needed to complete my answer of what my position size should be. It was such a pain and I hated doing. I'd miss a lot of moves while going to these sites.


I finally created a calculator with the help of a friend of mine that does the position sizing for me within 5 seconds. I got all the formulas figured out, created the layout and he helped me make it work.


I've used this calculator ever since and I can't imagine getting into a trade without first putting in the data and figuring out how much I'll be risking. My entire game plan is completely laid out in front of me before I even put on the trade which has helped a lot and has taken the guess work out of the trade after I'm in. I know when I'll get out if the trade goes against me and I know when I'll get out if it goes on my favor. I shoot for 2% gains from entry but I created 3 different exit points if you're into scaling out of a position, you can quickly see your price target ahead of time.


I have a very small account and if I hadn't been using this calculator and managing my money, I easily would of blown my account already.

calculator 1

calculator 2



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Anthony said...

Stuff like that is what excel was MADE for! I keep an excel file open with all my financial and trading calculators open when I'm trading during the day. It saves so much time!

tradeswing said...
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tradeswing said...

Definately, I use excel also. Have tons of calculators as well but mostly to calculate basic average gain/average loss, win/loss percentage, expectancy etc. But there's people who don't know how to program excel and I hate having to switch back and forth. My calc is always ontop so I keep in next to my order entry and chart.