Friday, November 23, 2007

TPX- Horrible Trade

Oh man, where do I begin. Maybe it's from all the turkey I ate or that I missed a day or what, but I screwed up big time. My entry was fine I got in at 30.04 and I put my stop at 29.80. Now, I have no idea what happened but apparently I canceled my stop order and had no idea because when TPX hit 29.80 I wasn't being sold. I go to check my order status and it says I'm canceled. A few curse words later and I put in a new stop loss at 29.75 and this time I put in a market order to sell not a stop loss. So I immediately sold out at 29.68.


1.5R loss because I can't pay attention to what the hell I'm doing. The black line was my initial stop loss but the green line shows where I actually got out.


tpx trade chart

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