Monday, November 5, 2007

WIND Small Trade

Saw WIND when it was up around 100% of it's daily volume in the first 30 minutes of the opening. A very good sign. Pulled up the chart and waited for it to pullback to establish some support levels, which it did. However, I didn't pull the trigger on what I thought looked to be a good buy. I hesitated and missed the spike up again.


So I waited a little more and decided to take a relatively big risk and get in at 13.17 which at the time looked to be right under resistance, the opposite side I would normally buy on. My reasoning was the volume was now up about 150% and the buyers were greater than the sellers buy a huge number. So I got in wanting to ride a small wave up to about 13.30 Well my plan worked out but my target never got hit while the stock seemed to be stuttering to get up so I got out at 13.22 and at the moment of writing this looks to be close to the top of that small move.


The morning run looks to be over and I won't be surprised if today turns into a slow neutral day.


wind trade chart

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