Friday, November 9, 2007

TWM Trade Complete

After I got in on TWM I raised my stop to 70.90 and left do something and started thinking about why my ordered took so long to get filled. I realized that it had to of been the post market news and decline yesterday about wachovia or something. I'm sure people got freaked and put in market orders to sell at the open of today. At the same time people were putting in buy orders for TWM. Once the market opened everything was getting filled at once and would explain why it took 15 minutes for me to get filled. Once the orders got filled we started rallying back up. Today will probably be flat for the most part maybe even a close higher than the open but I could be wrong.


I got out TWM when I got back and realized I was in a bad trade and sold before it hit my stop. Which I'm glad I did because I would of gotten stopped out anyway so I saved my self some moola.


twm trade chart 5

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