Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making a Comeback with CHGI?

I've been out of the market for some time now and I thought I'd jump back in. I'm keeping this blog basically for my own records so I can see down the line what I've been doing, you're welcome to follow along if you so desire.

I bought CHGI close to the open, problem was I couldn't get my limit order filled due to the stock out running me, which is I good thing, I suppose. I bought in at 2.58, after recklessly putting my order in at the offer. Unsurprisingly, the stock fell 3-4% for where I got and made a nice rebound. When it hit around 2.87-2.90 needless to say, I was stoked. The bid fell to 2.82, I put in a limit order at 2.80 as insurance in case it did decide to fall I'd make out with a decent profit, if not, I could still ride it up.

CHGI sold at 2.80 for a 6.73% profit. Not too bad.

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