Thursday, September 20, 2007

Setups for this morning

I've gone over about 80-100 charts real quick to setup my high and low alerts. As I was going through them a few charts popped out at me that I really liked. These stocks I'll be keeping a closer eye on throughout tomorrows day.

CHCG: Low @ 4.05, High @ 4.30

-Made a giant swing from the highs of the day out the open rounded out the bottom and ended the day back at the open levels. If it breaks 4.30 and stays there we could see this head up more throughout the day. I'll be watching.

CHCG - Candle 7h42m_3m 2007-09-20 183516

DRYS: Low @ 75.30, High @ 76.50

-Some decent consolidation. While the markets were slowing this one stayed still and traded in a very tight range. Looks to me like a setup for a breakout either way.

DRYS - Candle 8h25m_1m 2007-09-20 183647

HTV: Low @ 25.50, High @ 25.70

-Huge consolidation. Looks like it might be setup to move big either way. This one might be my favorite. Looking forward to see what happens with this.

HTV - Candle 6h35m_1m 2007-09-20 183759

NVDA: Low @ 33.70, High @ 34.50

More consolidation. I'd like to see a move on one of these but we'll see what happens. Out of all those charts I looked like these stood out like a sore thumb. Maybe something good will happen :-)

NVDA - Candle 7h59m_1m 2007-09-20 184040

If either of theses Lows or Highs are broken tomorrow we could potentially see some nice moves in either direction (long/short). The Q's gapped up post market which isn't a sign I want to see. I think we might see the market open lower out the gate tomorrow, especially since it's a Friday.

* Just because these stocks break these highs or lows I've set, doesn't mean I'll be trading them. It means that they've gotten my attention and I'll be waiting patiently for an entry point, if one isn't present, I won't trade.

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