Friday, September 14, 2007

Quick Pick Overview

Let's see how these stocks are doing. Which ones have hit the mark which ones haven't etc.


ZNH- Bought at 64.42 on Sept 12th close. Currently at 67.04 on the 14th close. A 4.07% gain

If I bought this stock at a lower price like I initially thought, no trade would of happened as it's only gone up from the date I looked at it. Momentum has came to a halt, RSI is still rising and both the 50 and 200 day EMA's are still going strong. Bullish volume has increased for the 14th.


OSTK- Bought at 23.64 on Sept 12th close. Currently at 24.17 on the 14th close. A 2.24% gain

If I bought this stock at a lower price it wouldn't of happened as it's kept heading up like ZNH. OSTK volume have been slightly declining the last couple days.


CPHD- Bought at 20.04 on Sept 12th close. Currently at 20.21 on the 14th close. A 0.85% gain.

This never hit my entry point. This is looking fairly neutral. Big sign is momentum has come to a stop however the EMA's are looking solid. Who knows what will happen.


CNEH- This stock also hasn't hit my entry point but we'll assume that we bought it at the market close on Sept 12 at 3.00. Currently at 2.86 a loss of -4.67%


This stock is so overbought. I'd still look for a pullback on this next week. Volume has declined today on negative volume along with the RSI finally starting to look down now and come back to normal levels. I like this one. I'll be keeping a good eye on it next week.


BARE- Bought at 27.64 on Sept 12th currently at 26.84 a loss of -2.89%


It's looking like it's making it's way back down but still not enough to hit my entry point. RSI is still heading down. MACD look's like momentum might be shifting downward. Both EMA's still look they're on the verge of crossing.



Looks like I need to focus more on the overall market conditions when helping to pick entry points. Overall the market has been pretty good. Dow has seen a solid 2.5% or so gain this week. It makes sense that a lot of the stocks would go with the flow of the market and keep slowly heading up. I need to get out of my tunnel vision when picking low entry points in a stock where the market conditions are looking good.

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